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Good sized meals for the price. Great service and good location

Daniel Harth

Fast and delicious food , Will definitely order food again .

Crystal Lee

I grew up in New Jersey (U.S.) and frequented ChinaTown in NYC... Sing's brings all the beautiful chaos and affordable deliciousness of a big-city restaurant, but in the "calmingly buzzing" surrounds of Rosalie.... great prices (and BIG servings -- don't over-order!), very simple decor... there's a reason for the steady line of take-away customers and lots of eat-ins even on a Wednesday night. Even the odd little order window at the back of the restaurant is a perfect fit. It's all about the food, and the value.

Paul Raynis

I live in Sunnybank Hills and I'm ashamed for my own suburb with how god-damned good this food is. Ordered the staple food - Pad Thai - Green Curry and satay sticks. Chicken has got delicious charred flavouring and super smooth and delicious. One of the best thai's I've had, also in price. Be proud my dudes.

Simon Hamilton

Hit and miss. Had the most delicious Massaman I've ever had, but the potato's were so undercooked they were almost raw. Special fried rice is amazing and use fresh and cleaned tiger prawns, not those awful frozen prawns. The ginger fish is also amazing. I can forgive the raw potatoes because everything else I've gotten from here has been very good.

Dan-E Lawless